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Mountain fairytale

Experience the magic in your own way, wake up your inner peace!

Dear guests,

All fairytales have similar beginnings and the ends, but our fairytale is different, so we wanted to share it with you. Not just to tell you a story, but making it possible for you to experience the magic in your own way. That’s how the Mountain Fairytale and Jela and Smreka came to life.

Welcome to Mountain Fairytale, where you can create your own story.

In Mountain Fairytale there are two holiday homes Jela (eng. Fir) and Smreka (eng. Spruce). Two mountain houses, built in rustic style, surrounded by nothing but nature. If you want to escape from your busy everyday life, you are looking for a quiet hiding place away from big and crowded cities, or you just love nature – this is the perfect place for you. Nothing’s better than the company of the people you love, miles away from everything that is ordinary and non-magical.

We invite you to become a part of our Mountain Fairytale and wake-up your inner peace. We promise to be the best hosts and make sure you enjoy creating your own fairytale memories. Jela and Smreka are impatiently waiting for their magic to be revealed and their stories to be told.

And, when you wish to run away from the real world again, we’ll be right here, keeping an eye on your Mountain Fairytale palace. Just making sure you can always magically restore your calmness in the mountains.

Our story, our fairytale

I absolutely love the snow. For years after my first child was born, my little girl, there was no snow in the city where we live. Obviously, I was disappointed, as I wanted her to experience the joy of the snow. The wish to share the joy of snow with our daughter inspired my husband and me to start looking for land in part of Croatia with more snowfall, in the hopes that we could build a holiday house there. The region of Gorski kotar was a logical solution. A beautiful mountain area not far from Zagreb and close to Adriatic coast as well.

We searched for some time but had no luck finding the magical place that we envisaged. And then, while I was in the hospital maintaining my second pregnancy, my husband called to say that he found the perfect place. He sent me some photos, I immediately loved it, and with that, we bought this piece of land. By the end of 2011, our holiday house was complete and we moved in, all four of us.

Then it finally came! The first winter. It was magical. We travelled to our mountain fairytale every weekend. This holiday house built in the mountain style, with a fireplace and lots of, lots of snow became our second home.

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Gorska Bajka winter

When spring arrived, the snow melted away and revealed the beauty of the surrounding area that we didn’t know about. Just across the street, we could enter the forest and walk through endless forest paths, inhale the nature and hear the voice of the forest. We could feel the forest. It was yet another purely magical experience. We wanted to explore more, so we bought bicycles and started to go deeper and deeper into the forest and discover more and more.

We fell in love, not just with our new home, but with everything around it and life there as such. We kept telling our family and friends about how impressed we are with Gorski kotar. We wanted to share our second home with others so we invited them all to stop by and visit.

I’m not sure if it was the joy and relaxation, but we decided to have one more child and our second son was born in 2013. Now there was five of us enjoying every moment there in the winter and in the summer alike.

Even though it has been a few years, every winter we look forward to the first snow as if it was the first time. And every spring we walk happily through the forest as if it was our first walk. Every summer we discover new hiking routes and fill our hearts and souls with memories of new beautiful views. We are so happy to have our very own place where we can hide from everyday life and be able to live our own fairytale.


Doživite magiju na svoj način, probudite svoj unutarnji mir!
Experience the magic in your own way, wake up your inner peace!