Gorski kotar excursions and activities

During the summer, we would recommend you to try the following activities:

  • Hike to various mountain peaks
  • Walk through the forest and meadows
  • Cycling through the forest and local roads
  • Swimming in rivers and lakes
  • Going to picnic
  • Sightseeing

If you like heat and sea, you can reach the Adriatic coast in 40 minutes and spend the day on the beach. In the evening, you can return to the fresh air and pleasant temperature in the mountains.

You can explore more about summer activities at: Active holiday in Gorski kotar.

ljetni kolaž Gorski kotar
zimski kolaž Gorski kotar

During the winter, we would recommend you to try following activities:

  • Day and night sledding
  • Ice-skating in Delnice
  • Skiing in Čelimbaša, Platak or Petehovac
  • Nordic skiing in Ravna Gora
  • Sun and snow walking
  • Sightseeing

You can explore more about winter activities at: Winter programs in Gorski kotar.

From our journeys

Since we fell in love with Gorski kotar, we have visited many beautiful places. Some of them you can see here. We hope our photos will inspire you to visit them too.

Zeleni Vir & Vražji prolaz

Javorova Kosa Peak

Bijela Kosa Peak

Brod na Kupi

Kanjon Kamačnik

NP Risnjak

River Kupa Source

Bajer Lake, Fužine

Vrelo Cave Fužine

Lokve Lake

Cave Lokve

Skrad Peak

Orlove stijene

Park Forest Golubinjak

Bijele stijene


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